When people are enjoying a Coca-Cola in your pub, restaurant or bar it is important that you give them a great serve every time. The Coca-Cola Perfect Serve video will help you to guarantee that your customers experience a perfect serve every time they order a drink.

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Coca-Cola has been enjoyed around the world since 1886. The history of Coca-Cola is a story of special moments. Moments that have been multiplied billions of times around the world.

In 1971, young people from around the world gathered on a hilltop in Italy to sing "I'd Like to Buy the World a Coke," a counterpoint to turbulent times.

During the 1980s Coca-Cola continued to bring consumers on every continent refreshing products for every occasion and every lifestyle. In 1982, soft-drink history was made with the introduction of Diet Coke. Within two years, Diet Coke had become the top low-calorie soft drink in the world.

Through more than a century of change, Coca-Cola remains a timeless symbol of quality refreshment.

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